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Audited Security + Compliance Standards

Commited to Security

Reduce Risk, Worry & Headaches

At Alpha IT Services, information security is an integral part of every decision we make. To demonstrate how important protecting consumer data is to us, we have engaged one of the premier information security companies, TECH LOCK, Inc. (“TECH LOCK”), to audit our data security posture against industry regulations and standards.

Zonal Data Center Distribution

Distributed Data, Minimized Risk

Our receivables platform and your data is distributed regionally to guarantee consistent uptime and superior redundancy protection.


The result is over 99.98% uptime and an integrated disaster recovery and data backup system so you can finally stop worrying about "what if".

Security Control Inheritance

Save Money, Hassle & Time

Yet another distinct advantage of cloud-based accounts receivable software like MARS is the ability to "pass on" our security standards to our clients through whats called Security Control Inheritance. These security measures apply to everything built on top of our cloud platform.


We then go through our own security audit process with security leaders like TECH LOCK to create a complete, certified security package that we then pass on to you for your own compliance policies and procedures.

Security Control Inheritance presents many obvious advantages over the traditional model of maintaining your own database security measures. Not the least of which is the enormous savings that get passed on to you. Give us a call to see the kind of savings we're talking about.

Committed to Compliance

At Alpha IT Services, we've designed for the long haul and made a commitment to be a leader in secure and compliant receivables systems for the industry. We demonstrate that commitment not only through our certifications but also with our system processes themselves.

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Built-In Compliance Measures

  • Create and Customize Compliance Rules

  • Control Nightly Letters DUN/PPA

  • Granular Control Over All Access

  • Tokenized Payment Technology

  • Compliant Action Restrictions

  • End-to-End SSL Encryption 

Regulation F Compliance

The revised Regulation F of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau letter classification for part 1006 implements the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The new rule allows consumers to have more control over communications in connection with debt collection and prohibitions.

We offer the tools you need to help your business effortlessly comply with the regulation requirements 


Provide the specific debt information needed for compliance.

Created using CFPB’s model validation notice with the itemized information required for compliance.


Easily identify the consumer Phone and Email Type (home, work, etc.) and flag if they are allowed to communicate with this method.​


Collectors are not allowed to contact or place calls to the consumer in connection with the debt, not more than 7 times in 7 consecutive days or within 7 consecutive days after a telephone conversation with the consumer.


Global placeholder for the “Itemization Date” provided by the clients. The system will allow the agency to choose the right Itemization Date and consistently use this field to communicate with the consumer per regulation requirements.

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