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Why the Space Theme?

Space exploration is the epitome of human development and the most worthy use of our true potential. We came from the stars and to the stars we shall return. Exploration, growth and adaptation are the most essential processes for evolving systems. They are as essential to all life as they are to all business.


When the participants in an evolving system lose sight of whats "out there" and start to believe what is immediately before them is all there is, the system stops evolving and begins eroding. As humans we can remain in place and squabble over increasingly rare resources and opportunities, or we can set our eyes on the sky and spearhead the process of evolution itself.

The same is true in business. When we lose sight of the horizon and begin to think a single process, resource, client or check is the source of our success, we have lost sight of the evolution of process itself. You can continue to squabble with your competition and re-negotiate with clients, constantly splitting hairs and slicing margins, or you can look to the sky, innovate and change the playing field.

Humans have always used our intellect as a way of changing the playing field and when our intellect is used to engineer a distinct advantage in the world, we call it technology. Technology helped us climb out of caves, enabled us to tame the seas and one day, technology will usher us to the stars... but only if we keep our eyes on the sky.


It's when we lose our heading that a system turns in on itself in a self-destructive process of atrophy and cannibalization.

The concept of exploration perfectly encapsulates the ideals of humanity.

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