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Time to take off

Straight forward pricing

Something for everyone, built just for you

Effective solutions to your designated operations

From the new start up ready to launch, to the mom and pop shop aiming to boost their bottom line, all the way up to the orbital enterprise preparing to automate and integrate their way to market dominance, Alpha has a comprehensive set of solutions designed to be tailored to your situation.


(10,000 Accounts)
Basic Support
$99 Payment Portal
Standard Integrations
Client Access Available
Initial Training
Standard Reporting

Starting at 

$299 /month

(250,000 Accounts)
Email Support
Payment Portal Included
API Integrations
Client Access Included*
Departmental Training
Standard Reporting
Custom Reporting*

Starting at 

$999 /month


(Unlimited Accounts)
Phone Support
Payment Portal Included
API Integrations
Unlimited Client Access 
Unlimited Training
Custom Reporting*
Branding Package
Private Server Available

Call for pricing

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