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Management Receivables

For agencies, many are seeing significant growth in this vertical and the competition over these portfolios has grown along with it. If you want to be competitive in this market then integration is the name of the game.


Many high value clients now insist on working with agencies who are integrated with their property management software. The quick and easy transfer of placements and documents is something they've come to expect.

Automate Property Management Receivables

Optimized Property Management Solutions

The property management receivables niche is quickly expanding. Whether you are a property manager looking to collect on your own accounts, or you're an agency looking to land more property management clients, MARS will get you where you want to be.


MARS is already integrated with leading property management platforms and we are eagerly expanding into this market so if you have an integration you've been considering, now's the time to reach out.

Collect Your Own

​For managers looking to collect on their own accounts, your set up will be a lot like our first-party receivables clients. We can connect a branded payment portal, document management system and even integrate directly with your property management software.

Integrated Property Management Solutions

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