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Full Legal Process Tracking

Justice May Be Blind, But You Don't Have To Be.

Tracking the Full Legal Process

Complete Legal Receivables System

Track accounts through suit authorization, media request, pre-suit and post-judgment processes, monitor business from the top down with customized dashboards and collect online payments with E-Signatures.

  • Compliance Restrictions Prevent Unauthorized Action

  • Add Attorneys and Representatives

  • Add Court and Sheriff Information

  • Complete Set of Legal Fields

  • Cradle to Grave Legal Process

Law Firms, Attorneys & Judgment Collections

Stop trying to bridge the gap between a collection platform and legal software. MARS has a complete set of extensive legal fields and processes designed to see you through the full suit process from authorization and media requests to document storage and legal letters all from a single compliant platform. Embedded with all the tools you need to collect web payments and monitor your performance in a single unified system.

Certified + Compliant

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Certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, your data is backed up automatically and it's always stored redundantly. MARS is a TECH LOCK certified software platform.

We save you money and hassle through Security Control Inheritance. We handle the system certifications, you get all the benefits.

Relax and put away your pocketbook.

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