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Space City Houston

Diversity + Innovation + Technology

About Alpha IT Services

Hello From Houston

Our Mission Control is based in Houston, Texas aka Space City. If Houston worked out as mission control for getting astronauts to the moon, we think it's a fitting place for our mission to put your business on MARS.

We take technology and innovation seriously down here and it's not just aerospace and oil these days. Houston leads the nation in total health care jobs and our hospitals are consistently ranked top 3 nation wide in cancer care, cardiology, neonatology and rehabilitation among consistent excellence in many other areas.

Little Bit of Everything

Houston has become a booming international metropolis and cultural melting pot. Our restaurant scene is world class and we're home to two dozen of the Fortune 500.


It's an ever-growing city that sits at the nexus of many important industries making it an ideal location for any technology company and also a hot spot for some of the largest credit grantors in the nation. 

Some Top Houston Industries

  • High-Technology (Computer, Aerospace, Environmental)

  • Medical Research and Health Care Delivery

  • Government (City, State and Federal)

  • International Import and Export

  • Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Petrochemical Production

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Banking and Finance

It's on that backdrop that the founders of Alpha IT Services honed their craft while working for some of the leading collection agencies in the state. For over 25 years we served collection agencies from the inside, working in traditional IT departments like you may have today. It was that experience of the constant struggle involved with customizing, upgrading and integrating legacy software that drove our founders to search for a better way and dedicate themselves to finding it.

Final Frontier

More than being based out of Houston, there's a distinct reason why the space theme is woven throughout our organization. 

Space exploration is at the peak of human technological development and many of our greatest innovations as a species have come as a result of that exploration. Exploration, growth and adaptation are essential processes for evolving systems and they are just as essential in the world of business as they are to all of life.

Change the Game

Humans have always used our intellect as a way of changing the playing field and when our intellect is used to engineer a distinct advantage in the world, we call it technology.


Technology helped us climb out of caves, enabled us to tame the seas and one day, technology will usher us to the stars... but only if we keep our eyes on the sky.

Space Icon 3 light.png

Eyes on the Sky

At Alpha IT Services we choose to keep our eyes to the sky. We believe growth is a continuous process and success through innovation requires constant evolution. We don't believe in zero sum games and love the opportunity to rise above them through the continued pursuit of innovative technology.

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