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Tailored Solutions for

Any Receivables Niche

Dominate Your Vertical or Explore a New Path

We Can Light the Way

Every business is unique. Unique processes, unique ways of dealing with situations, unique people and unique lines of business you are serving.


Both our platform and our business model are optimized for flexibility. We have created the MARS receivables platform to support easy adaptation to many business types and specializations.

What You Need

Whatever your line of business, it is our goal to provide a competitive advantage in your field. Don't see your vertical on our site? Don't worry, it's likely something we've done before in our past lives on the agency side, we probably already have the fields and processes you need.


A System Made Just for You

Unique Solutions for Unique Businesses

Certified + Compliant

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Certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, your data is backed up automatically and it's always stored redundantly. MARS is a TECH LOCK certified software platform.

We save you money and hassle through Security Control Inheritance. We handle the system certifications, you get all the benefits.

Relax and put away your pocketbook.

Customized Solutions

Have a market niche you want to explore? Any unique fields or custom processes you'd like to employ? What about any new service or vendor you'd like to try out?


You won't find a better platform to do it on than MARS and you won't find a better partner to help create your vision than Alpha IT Services.

Exploratory Conversation

Have a unique situation?

Want to explore what is possible?

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