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Operational Agility

Extensible Architecture

Designed to Evolve

In computing terminology, extensible programming and architecture refers to the conscious and intended design of an application to be "extendable" and built with future growth in mind.

Our entire receivables suite was designed with a focus on extensibility. This design focus along with the inherent flexibility of cloud-based deployment affords you more options at a lower cost and with quicker turnaround than you've likely experienced.

Customization Features

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  • Efficient + Economic Customization on MARS

  • Explore Integrations at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Test new vendors, products and services

  • Configurable System Automation

  • Easily Customized Dashboards

  • Custom Payment Portal

  • Custom Client Access

Flexible Platform Design

Adaptability should be a feature of your technology, not an outside possibility. Cloud-based system deployment means its easier to update, customize and integrate your system than it's ever been. It also means it's more efficient than ever to innovate with technology. That's why at Alpha IT updates are regular and free, customization is easier and integrations are more affordable than they've ever been.

Integration Interface

If you're working with legacy software, you may be finding yourself running into an increasing number of hurdles when it comes to data pulls or integrations. Encryption/decryption issues, document pulling and attaching or maybe you simply need an accessible portal for dropping files and additional documents.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

The problem is that most modern software applications are not made to connect with legacy software. Modern software communicates through the use of an Application Program Interface (API) which most legacy software applications do not easily integrate with. No worries, API's are our specialty and we can help.

Our system was designed for the cloud which has gained us substantial experience in working with these API's. Let us bring that experience to bear in building a custom interface for your system.

Custom API Interface

Tailor-Made Systems

Been There, Done That

We've been customizing software for some time and we're fully focused on tailoring collection-specific IT solutions to unique business situations. Let us show you how a new approach to IT systems can boost your bottom line and simplify your entire operation.

Custom Cloud Solutions

The MARS receivables solution is ready to serve you "right out of the box." That being said, if you require certain custom features or system functions that are not standard to most agencies, it's certainly not a problem for us.

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