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better Together

Connect Any Data Source on Any System

Designed for Docking

The Integration Solution

One of the many advantages of a cloud-based system is the ease with which we can perform API integrations. We work with your current vendors to connect them directly to our application and create a seamless environment for your business. We can also help you get a better deal with any of the vendors we already have an integration with if you are considering a change from any of your current vendors.

One Platform to Connect Them All

Agnostic Vendor Platform

Don’t get tied into your debt collection software providers’ idea of the best vendors to work with. All this does is give them leverage and eliminate their need to innovate.


Some companies work exclusively with a restricted set of vendors or force you into their solution for a function best provided by specialists. Others actually hold ownership positions in ancillary service companies they force you to work with.


We all know competition breeds innovation and deals like this just lead to higher prices for sub-par solutions. It's good for the leverage of the software company but bad for any clients hoping for innovative and competitive solutions they could afford.

Integrate Anything

Choice, the True Advantage

It no longer confers any advantage to work with a single vendor for most services. These days many platforms are so seamlessly integrated on the front end that it matters little which service provider you choose to power the back-end. Leave it up to us to unify the experience and you decide exactly which vendor services work best for your organization, just how it should be.

Strategic Partnerships

Some of our strongest partnerships. We know these guys will take care of our clients so we work with them every chance we get. If you'd like an introduction to any of our partners or information on their services we can help.

Don't see someone you wish to work with? No worries, just call. We may already have the relationship and if not, you're always free to choose your own vendors, we'll handle the rest.

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