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Cloud-Based Receivables Platform

Open + Secure + Adaptable

MARS is a secure, open-architecture receivables system with full API connectivity backed by first-rate service to ensure you get the most out of what is now possible with technology. We've created a dynamic, inter-connected and configurable receivables solution that will help you thrive in any business environment, whichever way the wind may blow.


MARS is the foundation of our Universal Receivables Suite and is fully integrated with our complete set of solutions to provide real-time data flow, control and flexibility where you need it, when you need it.

Empower your people

  • Automated Back-Up and Redundancy

  • Permission/Role Based Functionality

  • Placement and Process Automation

  • Third Party Service Integrations

  • Easy Access from Anywhere

  • End to End SSL Encryption

  • Real-Time Integrations

  • Training Included

  • Service Included

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Enterprise Receivables Suite

A New Model for New Technology

Change, the only constant

Technology changes faster than the seasons. With the legacy software model, this meant having to upgrade and continuously develop your solution to keep pace with the competition. Additionally, should you find a niche to focus on and hope to hold an advantage by specializing your business processes, you'll often run up against the limitations of your software.

Adapt + Thrive

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage hinges on the flexibility of your technology and the team behind it. With your current system, how easy is it to create custom solutions, explore a new integration, automate a new process?


Change is constant. The only variable is how we react to that change. Whether it's a changing regulatory environment, increasing competition or thinning margins, it's time to take a closer look at your technology.

MARS Features

  • Embedded Real-Time Business Intelligence

  • Integrate 3rd Party Systems & Services

  • Automate Placements & Processes

  • Customize Status & Action Codes

  • Aggressive Programming Rates

  • Customizable Payment Portal

  • Drag & Drop Agent Queues

  • Control Account Linking

  • Scale On-Demand

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

Certified + Compliant

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Certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, your data is backed up automatically and it's always stored redundantly. 

We save you money and hassle through Security Control Inheritance. We handle the system certifications, you get all the benefits.

Relax and put away your pocketbook.

Complete + Connected

Both MARS and our Universal Receivables Suite are adaptable to any type of receivables business or department serving any vertical. All of our solutions are fully integrated and embedded within MARS to create a unified, real-time receivables solution for any situation.


Systems Tailored For

  • Collection Agencies

  • In-House Collections

  • Medical Collections

  • Legal Collections

  • Property Mgmt

  • Workers Comp

  • Government

  • Insurance

  • Early-Out

  • More...

Integrated Systems

Embedded Solutions

Real-Time, Fully Integrated, Customizable Solutions


Receive Payments From Anywhere, Anytime


Save Time, Empower Clients, Win More Business


Quickly Capture and Store E-Signatures

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