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Accounts Receivable Management

Advanced Receivables Systems for the Modern Agency

Master of All

General third-party agencies need to be more than a jack of all trades. You need the ability to understand and work with any unique line of business just as well as any specialist in the industry would.

Agency Features

  • Compare Performance Across Any Vertical with LunaLens

  • Configurable Payment Portal and Client Access Options

  • Configurable Workflow and Action Codes

  • Create and Save Data Import Templates

  • Industry Specific Tabs and Processes

  • Add Additional Fields on the Fly

Third-Party Agencies

We Know the Feeling

We've been where you are. Traditional collection models are our bread and butter. We cut our teeth creating proprietary solutions for many successful multi-vertical agencies from inside their IT department.


We know the struggle of serving clients in disparate verticals. The ability to cater to many different lines of business simultaneously while still maintaining a high standard of quality for your clients is an art, and like an artists paintbrush, the tools you use are mission critical.

Matched to Your Needs

You need unique fields and processes for certain lines of business and the ability to add data into flexible custom fields on the fly for one-off and unique client needs. In 3rd party collections, you need a complete software package capable of handling any type of business you can throw at it. You need a technology partner who's been where you're at.

We were forged in 3rd party agencies building technology to handle receivables for many industries. Let us show you what we've learned.

Certified + Compliant

tech lock trns.png
soc security.png

Certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, your data is backed up automatically and it's always stored redundantly. MARS is a TECH LOCK certified software platform.

We save you money and hassle through Security Control Inheritance. We handle the system certifications, you get all the benefits.

Relax and put away your pocketbook.

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