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Save Time, Empower Clients, Win More Business

Versatile Client Access Solutions

Convenience, Efficiency, Transparency

Everybody likes to keep a close eye on their receivables. Some credit granters ask for more access and capability than others and if you have any particularly demanding clients to cater to you may need more than what a simple access solution can provide to fulfill their requirements.

Just What You Need

That's why VenusView client access solutions are tailored to your specific situation. You never pay for more than you need and gain the ability to meet the needs of any client even as those needs change, even at a moments notice.

Client Access Features

  • View Any Account, Portfolio, Report or Document

  • Agency Controlled Access Parameters

  • Load Placement Files and Documents

  • Flat Rate Unlimited Client Options

  • Full Direct Access Available

  • Real-Time Data

Happy Clients + New Prospects

If you don't currently offer client access, you likely already have clients who would like the option and prospects who are asking about it. Whether it's about keeping current clients happy or gaining new prospects who have requested access, having a solution in place is an increasingly critical piece of any complete receivables solution.

You Have Options

From low flat rate to full access options, Alpha IT provides the most configurable client access solutions in the industry. Like all of our solutions, you always control who sees what.

It's easy when we are your software company. With complete and internal  data access, we are able to offer the most secure and flexible client access solutions available.

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Client Access Portal

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