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Receive Payments From Anywhere, Anytime

Automated + Negotiating Web Payment Portal

Negotiate Arrangements, Add Options, Grow Payments

The right payment portal will increase consumer web payments and reduce agent involvement freeing up valuable time and resources. The degree to which it achieves this depends on how well it performs the same functions as an agent and how easy it is to use. Are you using the right portal?

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  • iNegotiator™ Automated Payment Arrangements

  • Colors and Logo Branded to Your Business

  • Agency Defined Arrangement Parameters

  • Update and Add Contact Information

  • Electronic Signatures on Any Device

  • Establish Recurring Payment Plans

  • Make a One Time Payment

  • Make a Settlement

Next Generation of Web Payments

Consumer Login

It's all about the options

Consumers today prefer interacting on their own terms. This obstacle has traditionally been a difficult thing for a collection agency to accommodate. IVR technology filled this role well for a while but with the limited options available through a phone menu, this still leaves much to be desired when it comes to creating the most convenient options for accepting consumer payments.

Changing Preferences

Web based payment portals today have the potential to offer many more options and flexibility, but be careful, most fall far short of that potential. PlutoPay was designed to bring true self-service to the consumer.

If you want to bring in more payments than ever before, you have to make it easier to pay than ever before. This is the role of the web payment portal and PlutoPay fills that role perfectly.

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Source: Five9 Customer Service Index

The younger the consumer, the less likely they are to prefer phone communication.

Real-Time, Fully Automated, Fully Integrated

Providing more options and greater flexibility is the name of the game and the ability to fulfill all agent functions through an easy to use self-pay portal, accessible from anywhere is the game-changer you are looking for.


Of course, like all of our solutions, PlutoPay is driven by permission based functionality. That means you get to decide what options you wish to provide your consumers and what functions they will have access to.

If you're not switching systems soon, that's fine too. We can easily connect PlutoPay to any system you're on and it is available as a stand alone option.

Real-Time + Automatic

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