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Complete the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Streamline Placements, Maintain Compliance, Perfect Self-Pay

Take Care of the Caretakers

MARS helps you take care of healthcare receivables clients like never before. Integrate with hospital ERP software and take secure payments all within a HIPAA HITECH Compliant environment. Automate your account placements and offer full transparency.


Hospitals & Healthcare Receivables

MARS is made for Medical. The healthcare receivables industry is growing quickly. 41% of Americans face medical debt issues and it's only increasing. The healthcare space takes a dedication to service and desire to help like no other receivables vertical. You have to have a commitment to compliance and proper procedure because of increased regulatory scrutiny.

MARS for Medical

Our system comes equipped with a full array of medical specific fields, ready for your data right out of the box. Keep track of facility, patient and doctor information as well as diagnostic codes all easy to find in one place.

MARS can connect to any data source to streamline your processes. Integrate with your clients software platform for securely and seamlessly automating placements. Shaving valuable time off your placement process.

Supporting Services

Win over new clients by offering seamless placement procedures as well as superior transparency with our Client Access solution, VenusView.

Perfect Self-Pay with PlutoPay to provide patients with more options. Offer flexible settlement and payment plan arrangements controlled by your chosen parameters.

Specialized Medical Receivables Systems

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