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First Party Receivables

Collect Your Own, Forward to 3rd Party, Monitor Everything

First Party Receivables

Integrate ERP, Automate Early-Out, Ad Hoc Reporting

Our First Party receivables system is built on the same MARS framework as all of our receivables solutions are, with a few different modules and plug ins to optimize it for your use.  Also like all of our solutions, our first-party receivables systems are built on an open and extensible architecture meaning we've got all the connectors you'd need to integrate MARS with any other software platform your company uses. Create a seamless workflow between MARS and any enterprise software.

Features For First Party

Create specialized fields or processes to build a proprietary solution. Best of all, any agency you may forward your accounts to on our system will be able to handle whatever fields or processes you create right away.

  • Powerful Customizable Reporting and Analytics

  • Payment Portal Branded to Your Business

  • Easily Send Single and Dunning Letters

  • Internal System Integrations

  • Negotiating Payment Portal

  • Collect E-Signatures

Just For You

Certified + Compliant

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Certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, your data is backed up automatically and it's always stored redundantly. MARS is a TECH LOCK certified software platform.

We save you money and hassle through Security Control Inheritance. We handle the system certifications, you get all the benefits.

Relax and put away your pocketbook.

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