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The Alpha IT


Receiables suite

Adaptable Technology + Unbeatable Service = A Universe of Opportunity

Product + People

Software as a Service, Service as a Policy

There’s a reason service is in our name. Cloud technology may offer a universe of opportunity but the importance of the team behind your IT solution is as paramount as ever. More than just software, the people behind the system you choose is critical to getting the most out of your technology.

Complete Solutions

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The Alpha IT Universal Receivables Suite provides complete enterprise level power and flexibility in a single accounts receivable software platform. Our fully integrated set of solutions provide real time data flow and complete, on the fly control over user permissions and access.

Service Features

  • Embedded Business Intelligence

  • Aggressive Programming Rates

  • System Configuration Included

  • Service + Support Included

  • Training Included

  • Easy Integrations

Computer Screen
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Agent Dashboard
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Cloud Based Receivables Systems

The Modern Accounts Receivable System you've been looking for. An adaptable platform driven by a flexible team of creative problem solvers with an extensive collections background.

MARS was designed as an open architecture system to empower you with limitless connection and configuration capability. Take advantage of a modern solution to a modern problem.

  • Automated Back-Ups and Redundancy

  • Permission/Role Based Functionality

  • Placement and Process Automation

  • Third Party Service Integrations

  • Client Software Integrations

  • Access From Anywhere

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Real-Time Negotiating Payment Portal

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Consumer Account Details

Providing access to online payment options is critical for agencies today. A steadily increasing number of consumers prefer to avoid speaking directly with an agent when addressing matters as sensitive as debt.

PlutoPay can handle the majority of collection functions without agent involvement. Your consumers will be able to:

  • Create a Payment Plan Arrangement

  • Negotiate Payment Arrangements

  • Create a Post-Dated Payment

  • Update Account Information

  • Make a One-Time Payment

  • Provide an E-Signature

  • Create a Settlement

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Versatile Client Access Solutions

Provide the transparency and information your clients are looking for, fulfill the requirements of the most demanding prospects, win new business. VenusView offers you complete control over what your clients can see and do in your system.

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We offer versatile solutions that range from flat rate unlimited client login portals to full direct system access. Whatever it is your clients need and whenever they need it, we have an option that fits.

  • Powerful Search Tool for Quick Account Access

  • Secure Portal for Placements and Documents

  • Permit Full Access or Limit Available Functions

  • Leave Notes with Files and Documents

  • Create, Select and Save Client Reports

  • Dial-In your Client Access Needs

iMac Screen
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Client Access
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Easy E-signatures from Any Device

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Mars portal on phone w shadow for web pn
E-Signatures on Any Device

Secure your payments with E-Signatures. Collect, attach and store electronic signatures on the fly while on the phone. Consumers can use any device to quickly and easily create and submit their E-Signature.

Simply email or text a secure link to capture e-signatures.

Sign with a finger, stylus or mouse on any available device.

  • Consumers Can Sign Anywhere They Are

  • Capture Signatures in Real-Time

  • Signatures on Any Device

  • Reduce Merchant Fees

  • Lower Chargebacks

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Customization + Integration

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Custom Solutions, Integrations & Interfaces

Modern cloud based platforms make modifying and integrating between systems a significantly easier task. Whatever vision you have for an ideal long-term solution, we know MARS is the most efficient route to getting there.


Our system was built on a flexible framework, optimized for control, configurability and connectivity whereas most other systems were designed within a closed-architecture legacy model of development. Even if a legacy system has been migrated to hosted or cloud environments since, they were never designed to be optimized in a cloud environment.


However, we realize many organizations aren't ready to take the leap just yet and that's ok. If you're having a hard time integrating your software or getting the data you need where you need it then we can help with that too. Whether you join us on MARS or not, Alpha IT Services offers top rate customized solutions for whatever software issues your business may face. Service First.


  • Explore Integrations at a Fraction of the Cost

  • 3rd-Party Integration for Legacy Systems

  • Document and Placement Portals

  • API Data Pulling + Access Portals

  • Efficient Customization on MARS

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