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Space City Houston

Diversity + Innovation + Technology

About Alpha IT Services

We Hail From Houston

Our Mission Control is based in Houston, Texas aka Space City. If Houston worked as mission control for putting astronauts on the moon, we think it's a fitting place for our mission to put your business on MARS.

We take technology and innovation seriously down here and it's not just aerospace and oil these days. Houston leads the nation in total health care jobs and our hospitals are consistently ranked top 3 nation wide in cancer care, cardiology, neonatology and rehabilitation among consistent excellence in many other areas.

Houston has become a booming international metropolis and cultural melting pot. Our restaurant scene is world class and we're home to two dozen of the Fortune 500.


It's an ever-growing city that sits at the nexus of many industries making it an ideal location for any technology company and also a hot spot for some of the largest credit grantors in the nation. 

Some Top Houston Industries

  • High-Technology (Computer, Aerospace, Environmental)

  • Medical Research and Health Care Delivery

  • Government (City, state and federal)

  • International Import and Export

  • Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Petrochemical Production

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Banking and Finance

It's upon that backdrop that the founders of Alpha IT Services learned their craft working for some of the leading agencies in the state. For over 25 years we served collection agencies from the inside, working in traditional IT Departments like you may have today. It was that experience of constantly customizing, upgrading and integrating new software that drove our founders to search for a better way and dedicate themselves to finding it.

Alpha IT Philosophy

Concepts that Guide Us

Alpha IT Services was founded by a team of explorers searching for a better route to deliver adaptable receivables software to a wider audience while maintaining the high level of service, security and expertise required to create a true enterprise solution.

We feel the best results come when people are guided by a greater vision that puts daily work in perspective and lends a sense of purpose to the tasks we do.

At Alpha IT, we create technology and there is no grander application of technology than when it is used to Explore new territory, Evolve new ways of doing things and Excel at the things we choose to do.

If you're looking for the team that's as eager to explore your ideas as you are then that's just what you've found. We are dedicated to continuous pursuit of 

Humanity has been led by explorers since the beginning and at Alpha IT we seek to pick up that torch and carry it a step or two through technology.


We're no astronauts but that doesn't mean every day shouldn't be inspired by a greater vision of the future. That's something required of all innovators.

It was an explorer who led our species out of the trees and onto the plains where an explorer developed agriculture, an explorer created trade routes and an explorer built ships to sail the seas.

Blaze Trails, Leave a Path

Explorers are a rare breed, driven by a potent mix of curiosity and ambition. Those constantly seeking something greater than what is known. An explorer paves new ground and leaves a trail behind them for others to follow and it's the explorer who first sets eyes on the coming future.

Successful Explorers

Use contemporary tools and technology to lead others

Keep options open, flexibility is key

Focused on the Future

Security is paramount

Prepared for anything 

Our team is focused on the long term. As a subscription based service, long term sustainability for our company is dependant on the long-term sustainability of our clients. That's why it's our job to give you an edge, any way we can. We take that job seriously and we thrive on the sense of adventure that comes with tackling new and unique business challenges.

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Keep Exploring



Evolving systems are living systems engaged in a "back and forth", "give and take" relationship with the environment in which they exist. Businesses can be understood in terms of evolving systems with respect to the changing regulatory environment, technology landscape and market conditions they must adapt to.

In a 1963 speech addressing the Southwestern Social Science Association, Louisiana State University professor Leon C. Megginson said

"Yes, change is the basic law of nature. But the changes wrought by the passage of time affects individuals and institutions in different ways. According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. Applying this theoretical concept to us as individuals, we can state that the civilization that is able to survive is the one that is able to adapt to the changing physical, social, political, moral, and spiritual environment in which it finds itself."

Understanding this concept, it is easy to see how the same model applies to the business world we find ourselves in everyday. Changing political leadership, changing legal framework, changing competitive environment.


All is change and the ones who succeed are not the ones who were best at any one thing. Such a narrow stance is easily toppled in the changing tides. Success means planning for change and preparing for it. Adaptation must be built in to your core and advantages must be found to capitalize on any risks taken.

For Alpha IT, adaptability isn't just built into the framework of our platform, it's a key to our business model. It drives every idea, conversation and solution we have. It's in the way we create a system and the way we interact with those who use it. From sales to software to service, our focus is on flexibility and how to confer it's advantages on your organization.


No, we're not talking about spreadsheets. Although we can handle all of those for you of course. More than that though, the concept of excellence is an essential driver of what we do at Alpha IT. What else is technology to be used for if not to hone and refine systematic processes towards the ever-receding horizon of excellence.

Excellence is transient in any evolving system. What is considered great one day is taken for granted the next. In any constantly changing environment, the goal of excellence is less of a tangible achievement or end point and more of a consistent driver and way of doing things. It's something we strive for with the constant awareness that when we get to where we are going today, there will be a greater path to follow tomorrow. Incorporating that awareness into everything we do is what drives us to "build-in" adaptation and flexibility not only into every line of code we create but also into our business model itself. If you haven't had the chance, give us a call to see just what we're talking about.

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