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Business From a Higher Perspective

Business Intelligence Dashboards + Ad Hoc Reporting
Track the Past, Monitor the Present, Chart the Future

Business thrives on information. The more information, the richer the information, the better. Business Intelligence software is the lens we use to observe the past, monitor the present and chart the future of the modern enterprise. As they have for all of history, the right tools can provide a significant advantage in a competitive environment.

  • Import all ranges and sizes of data.

  • Translate queries to visualizations.

  • Security permissions at any level.

  • Create interactive dashboards.

  • Create “no-code” data queries.

  • Metadata management.

  • Automatic updates.

Company Dashboard
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Industry Leading Real-Time Intelligence Tools
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The effectiveness of business intelligence tools depends on how well connected they are to your data and how easy they are to use. Because of this, the best way to start working with these tools is to use one that is already fully connected to all of your data. Preferably one that is embedded directly in your software platform.


To achieve this, we have chosen to team up with an industry leading provider in the cutting edge space of business intelligence, Tableau. Now you're empowered with all the tools available from an industry leader, configured for your receivables system.

The Intelligent Advantage

Organizations must interpret data to extract insights and plan their strategy. Data itself has become a valuable tool in reducing expenses and growing revenues.

Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) tools help by generating detailed reports and by extracting data directly from the source to be displayed in an easily configurable and intuitive dashboard.

Test and refine new strategies and KPI's with the confidence of knowing exactly how you are performing at all times.

Intelligent Analytics
Sharpen Your Vision

With LunaLens, executive dashboard and ad-hoc reporting solution, you and your team are empowered with the ability to customize reports and dashboard functions at a highly granular level. Drill down into your data with a click. Observe and monitor your company in real-time. Track your progress and chart your future.

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