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The Best Receivables System for Your Virtual Office

Office, home or bunker, anywhere on Earth you're better off on MARS.
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Automate & Integrate

Automate placements and processes. Connect to any data source from any service to integrate new technology into your system. Let us unify the experience.

It's the People

If you've figured out by now that the people you choose to work with are the key to creating winning solutions for your business then you're not alone... You're just like our clients.

Secure Technology

Security is paramount when it comes to consumer data. Our software is held to the highest security standards in the industry and our certifications save you time and money.

The New IT

Service First

There when you ring the bell. Cloud technology has opened up a new world of flexibility, connectivity and security but if you're looking to get all you can out of technology, the right partner makes all the difference.

As a subscription service, sustainability for our company is dependent on the sustainability of our clients. It's our job to give you an edge any way we can, and we take that job seriously.


Modern software companies are busy building a new business network of integrated platforms and services.


Cloud platforms are uniquely poised to dominate this new integrated landscape and MARS is the most efficient route to getting there.


Cloud infrastructure security has come to surpass that of the traditional data center. Save money and reduce risk.

"Through 2020, cloud workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers." 

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